Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And here is my precious Ayden!!! He is finally getting teeth for a total of 4 now. Which is great, because the boy can eat!!! He is a true Billings! He is a super happy boy! Which makes dealing with Ethan's 3 year old temper a little easier! He won't walk on his own, but I think he is getting there. I think he figures he can crawl faster than he can walk to keep up with brother! He will be 14 months in August and weighs about 25 lbs. He does like to talk alot!!!

When went to Branson, Mo after the wedding in Oklahoma. Ethan saw these cars from the car and had to drive them. He was super excited that he was getting to actually drive a car!!!

He quickly changed his mind! When I asked him what was wrong he said, " I too little Mom, I too little to drive!"
But if you know my husband at all...this car ride cost him $10 and he was going to get his money's worth whether Ethan liked it or not. Ethan cried the whole time screaming for Mommy! Bryan had to dominate and get first place even though Ethan wanted him to stop(which did not happen). When Ethan got out his came running to me saying "Daddy drive to fast mom, Daddy drive to fast."

Ok I have not been as good as I would like to be on this blog site. I actually never sent it out to anybody. But I am going to try again. We have had a crazy busy summer and it is quickly coming to an end. We have one more family vacation before summer ends. We are looking very forward to that. My precious boys are changing everyday. It is so hard to believe how fast they grow. Bryan and Ethan were in a friends wedding this summer. Needless to say Ethan melted hearts that day!!!! When someone told him how handsome he was he said "I know, I very handsome!"